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A Positive Place for Democrats to Meet in Hollywood

Elaine J. Schwartz
Muriel Kirschner
Mildred Reinfield
Zolla Masket
Florence Krieger
Bob Shair
Corresponding Secretary
Murray Cohen
Recording Secretary
Cecilia Shair
Immediate Past President
Hon. Eleanor Sobel
Board of Directors Advisory Board
Selma Birzon
Ruth Cohen
Steve Davis
Roz Forrest
Hon. Mara Giulianti
Dr. Irving Glasser
Jennifer Irving
Anita Kippelman
David Kout
Betsy Krant
Addie Lawner
Barbara Miller
Irv Oster
Ann Ralston
Claire Rand
Norberto Rosenstein
Hon. Fran Russo
Bill Sherwood
Linda Sherwood
Erica Solodkin
Roz Spertell
Helen Spindler
Frank Yamout
Hon. Cathy Anderson
Hon. Peter Deutsch
Hon. Howard Forman
Hon. Steve Geller
Hon. Ken Gottlieb
Hon. Sue Gunzburger
Hon. Diana Wasserman Rubin
Hon. Debbie Wasserman Schultz


If you have any questions or would like to join our board, please send us an email.

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