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This year we began holding our own Film Festivals.  We started with the showing of  "Unconstitutional" a movie about how the Patriot Act is eroding our civil rights.  In January we showed "WalMart - The High Cost of Low Prices", and in March we plan on showing "OutFoxed" .  The crowd as grown for each showing and in January we had over 70 people attending.

The January Festival was held at the Hollywood Medical Center auditorium and it was a perfect venue with a large screen and plenty of chairs.  There were lots of refreshments thanks to Kathryn Sacco, Muriel and Sam Kirschner and Ruth and Murray Cohen.  Bob Shair's determination brought a terrific sound system as well.

Join us for our next showing.  Have lots of fun with good friends!

We've only just begun to fight!! 
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